Walking on the Moon

At present it feels as if I have as much chance of a moon walk as a game of golf.  A setback in my rehab means I now need a minor op to try and resolve the issue.  Never having been ill in my life (hangovers excepted) this is difficult to accept.  I have always been able to take part in any sport I wanted without considering physical limitations.  Having been so keyed up to play this year it is hugely disappointing.  So whether it’s giant steps or one small step – I am not on the course.

To compound my sporting misery Motherwell have fallen into the play offs and now have to beat Rangers over two legs to keep a 30 year run in the Premier going.  I have managed to hobble to the last two away games where our performance has been even limper than my walking.  But I know we will prevail!!  It would be beyond an annus horriblus if both my golf and my football team collapsed in the same year.

I have not wasted the additional time this enforced lack of play has provided – but entered an almost zen-like state to contemplate some of the deeper mysteries of life.

A.  Why are the adverts for gambling on TV universally appalling? (see previous blog).  Never have truer words been spoken than Ray Winstons almost Churchillian advice “Sometimes you’ve just gotta take the money and run” which I guess is what his agent said when selling the gig to Ray.

B.  How can QPR spend such an astronomical amount on wages for a group of players who look about as interested in putting in a shift as the Iraqi troops defending Ramadi?

C.  Did I actually see Ed Miliband unveil the Edstone or was I in a transcendental state of grace?

I have set myself two tasks before I have the surgery.

1.  Complete the course ranking section of the blog.  (I have had good feedback on the courses covered so far and any other comments would be welcome).

2.  Set up a thought experiment which I can then try out when I am fit again.  This revolves round one of the most famous golf quotes - attributed to Sam Snead I think - “You drive for show and putt for dough”, or in my case “You drive for show and putt badly”.  The recent form of Rory McIlroy pre the PGA has made me question that in part.  Rory looks to be the best, one of the best, drivers of the ball ever.  If I was to play each non par 3 on my home course Glasgow Gailes from the spots Rory would drive to at his best, say 315 yds on average and straight, what would I score?  That has got me really interested.  My estimate is low 70s, perhaps sub 70 on a good putting day – (another theoretical rather than practical possibility).  I will do it as soon as I  recover – something else to look forward to.