If you can meet with disaster and disaster! – Glasgow Gailes

The heat of early summer has changed into a no return.  Where are the suns of yesteryear?

But there have been highlights

Time with my kids particularly -

Ellie’s performance in the UK Theatre Group’s production ‘Our House -The Musical’.  I have sat through a lot of drama group ‘shows’.  This was different class.  Huge cast (40) – in the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow.  Absolutely brilliant.  Better than some professional shows I have seen.  Really proud and lovely to see her buzzing after the Saturday night performance.  Only way to finish a great night is a fish supper from the Blue Lagoon at Central Station.  Perfect.

Wills first visit to Stravaigin.  A Glasgow institution and one he adored.  Had so many great meals and nights there but also the second worst desert in my life.  I think the chef had imbibed too much acid that night (it was years ago now) and had included a new concoction – chilli bridie with olive oil ice cream.  I thought it sounded interesting!  But against all the odds it tasted worse than it sounded!

Visit to the Edinburgh Festival with Ellie, Will and Amanda.  Fantastic shows and the whole atmosphere so vibrant.  Great to stay over at Amanda’s and walk into town and the venues without worrying about driving.

Taking Will to a party at which there was drink (limited) and girls.  Picking him up and hearing what had transpired.  It took me back to my own teenage days.  Some things have changed, like the quality of the house in which the party was held but others are constant.  Girls and what to say to them!

No golf during that time and I notice the lack of practice as I prepare for my next competition and third card in the Blue Tee medal at Glasgow Gailes.

My last two medals rounds were littered with mistakes, not just minor ones – huge blunders.  That is not what I did when I played the game well.  Of course I made errors but I prided myself they were contained and didn’t spiral into big numbers or cause the round to unravel.  I need to get back to that consistency and I have the chance on a bright, windy morning.  This is the first time I can remember the wind out of this direction at Gailes.  Blowing to the coast instead of away from the sea.

I am playing with Jim Richmond and his son Paul.  Jim is a retired policeman.  Paul is still a serving officer based at Kilmarnock Station.  A really nice pairing.  Paul is a very good golfer.  Shoots a rock solid 72 off a Handicap of 7.  Admits he has been lower and has played much less recently as his kids are still young.  Very impressive.  Powerful with a short punchy swing and a nice touch round the greens.

His dad is a more variable 23.  He has some initial problems but improves as the round progresses.  They are great company and we chat about courses we love.  They both tip the new Trump course in Aberdeenshire as a must play and enthuse about Machrihanish.  It would be a perfect day apart from one tiny aspect.  I have the worst medal round I can ever remember.  (I don’t really want to remember bad rounds but this one will be hard to eliminate).  Starts not too badly.  4 iron off the first to stay short of the fairway bunker.  Find the left hand front bunker with my wedge shot in and can’t get up and down so a shot dropped .Three putt the next for another bogey but have a good par at the difficult third so not too much damage.  Find the front bunker at the next with my 5 iron approach and it’s under the face!!  Try to get out and it stays in.  Wedge over but chip and putt to save the six.  Unlucky but still OK until my drive at the par 5 fifth hole kicks off the fairway and dives into a heather well.  Unplayable.  Drop.  8 iron and sand wedge on. Then 3 putt again!!  Another double bogey.  Six over after 5 holes. But worse to follow.

Great 9 iron to 10 ft at the next.  3 putts!!  Best drive of the day at 7.  SW to 8 ft.  3 putts!!  Three wood plus lob wedge to 9 ft at the eighth.  And surprise, surprise 3 putts!!  This is phone the Samaritans, suicide watch stuff.  But I change the pattern at 9.  Drive into rough, wedge out, miss the green from 40 yds, pitch on and have a slippery downhill 8 footer for the 5.  And hole it.

Need to regroup.  45 out. Can’t be but it is!  F… F…

Set a target of back in par.  I can do this.  Huge drive down 10 leaving a half SW which I think is dead but somehow slips left and finishes 15 ft away hole high.  How?  And 3 putts again.

Par the next and hit a very good 5 iron to 20 ft at the par three 12.  And three putt!!

Lost the will to live and blast one down the drivable 13.  Goes like a rocket but a slightly off centre one.  No problem.  It will be pin high right.  But it isn’t and has disappeared into another universe.  Perhaps one in which I can play this game.  Decide not to traipse back and so NR appears on my card.  The mark of Cain.  The mark of surrender.

Finish with pride I lecture myself and hit the best ball so far miles down the par 5 fourteenth.  200 to the flag and I hit a perfect rescue.  Yes it is perfect.  Not just perfect compared to the sh.., I am playing but objectively perfect .Any cosmic justice it will be dead or in the hole.  My search for fairness is in vain.  There is a bunker pin high left.  My ball is in it.  From the entry point it must have run-up the side of the bunkerand plopped in.  If it had slid right instead I might have had an albatross 2.  It didn’t and I am once again under the face.  Two out – two putts for a six.

I don’t give up.  Hit good 8 iron and for once two putt for a par on 15 but then go onto the railway line on 16 trying to drive the green from the forward tee with the wind helping.  This time I don’t get the trillion to one bounce back I did in my round in April (first blog) but do get a 4 with second ball and I birdie 17.  Huge drive LW 8 ft putt.  With a six on the 13 for the lost ball I need a four for an 87.  I miss the fairway right, play the sensible out shot pitch to 10 ft but can’t hole it.  No score for the round or ‘88’.  Horrible choice.  This is a crisis point.  I can’t face recording my stats at present.  But I will continue.  I am a golfing Gloria Gaynor.

2 thoughts on “If you can meet with disaster and disaster! – Glasgow Gailes

  1. Variable, you are too kind sir!!! I describe myself as an enthusiastic duffer with low expectations. I am always one game away from packing it in, although I know I never will. Enjoyed your company very much.

  2. I see the putting is still an Achiles father! Think it may be time to visit a sports psychologist! On a plus shot 69 again round Fulford! That’s twice in 3 rounds, I love my putter!

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