The Ryder Cup …… and me

It has taken some time to write this, time I needed to get over not being one of Paul McGinley’s wild card picks. Ian Poulter I accept had to be chosen – great Ryder Cup record but to be fair I have won as many majors as Poults and my Ryder Cup record is even more impressive.  Like Ian and my first golf hero, Eric Brown, I have never lost a singles in the competition.  But I have not lost in the foursomes or four balls either! Continue reading

Archerfield – Fidra Course – If a golf ball falls into trees, and no-one sees it, can it be thrown back onto the fairway without penalty?

I awake feeling a bit jaded after the night at Passorn. Perhaps a beer or glass of wine too many.  Amanda and I were out with Alex Williams and his wife Debbie.  Alex is one of my hosts today and on the basis of his weather forecast last night we agreed to play in shorts.  Perhaps a tad optimistic in the cold light of day as I shiver my way into the car.  It is the sort of morning for which Edinburgh has the worldwide patent.  Grey with hints of fog, and no noticeable warmth!!

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Carluke – Perfect Day

I have never been a fan of Lou Reed. A vastly overrated songwriter and performer in my view and, from most accounts, not a particularly pleasant human being.  He also suffered from not being a golfer or Motherwell supporter so, all In all, not the sort of chap my pals and I would have been keen to hang out with!!

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Kilmarnock Barassie – What’s in a Name?

Back on a course for which I have always had a soft spot and I think about this as I drive down to the sea-line in the spitting rain and turn off for the clubhouse.

The early attraction was a confusion about its name. My first set of clubs (Initial post – April ‘A new hope’) had a driver, brassie (a two wood) and a spoon (three wood). The brassie has effectively become extinct, outbred by drivers with varying degrees of loft.  There was no standardised approach to clubs when I started to play but I guess my brassie would have been about 13 degrees.  I couldn’t get on with the driver then and so the brassie became my club of choice from the tee.  When I first became aware of Barassie golf course, in my early teens, I made an incorrect assumption that there was some association between the course and club.  So I liked it without knowing anything else about it!!

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If you can meet with disaster and disaster! – Glasgow Gailes

The heat of early summer has changed into a no return.  Where are the suns of yesteryear?

But there have been highlights

Time with my kids particularly -

Ellie’s performance in the UK Theatre Group’s production ‘Our House -The Musical’.  I have sat through a lot of drama group ‘shows’.  This was different class.  Huge cast (40) – in the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow.  Absolutely brilliant.  Better than some professional shows I have seen.  Really proud and lovely to see her buzzing after the Saturday night performance.  Only way to finish a great night is a fish supper from the Blue Lagoon at Central Station.  Perfect.

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