Old Course St Andrews – Yer Dinner’s ready!

It seems a shame to finish the round just when the sun is tiptoeing through and it is getting warmer.  It is also a pity that I finished as badly.  Having got my round on track round the loop I lost it on the final holes.  5-5-6-5.  Five over on that stretch with 12 putts.  I have a choice.  Think about the Achilles heel of my game -putting – and resolve to do something about it – or concentrate on other more pleasant things.  Not a difficult decision. Putting can wait!

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The Old Course, St Andrews – 40 Types of Putt

The most famous, most written about and discussed course in the world.  Not the best course as a pure test of golf but a must play for golfers everywhere.

The drive up from Edinburgh is not propitious.  It is the sort of day Scotland does so well.  Grey everywhere.  Not 50 shades of grey!!  One shade.  Uniform greyness.  And rain.  Of course.  Again without variation.  Steady, unremitting rain.

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A Brief Pause for a Senior Moment

The night before I am due to play the Old Course I am involved in a Scottish Cup bridge match against one of the seeded teams.  The game is at the New Melville bridge club in Edinburgh . I am going to Amanda’s afterwards and driving to St Andrews from there early in the morning.

Over the years I have played most sports at some sort of level.  Cricket, golf and football for the school.  In my late thirties I got into running in the first flush of marathon fever and played a lot of tennis (my girlfriend at the time played hockey and tennis at England level so my tennis improved rapidly).  Would have kept up cricket, the sport I was best at, but it was too time consuming with young children.  The ever presents were football and golf.  Bridge was an early and late comer.

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Saturday – Very ugly one morning

Christopher Brookmyre is one of my favourite authors.  He combines inventiveness, humour and the psyche of the West of Scotland into great story lines.  In his first novel ‘Quite Ugly One Morning’ the hero wakes after a night on the bevy unable to work out:-

A             where exactly he is

B             what happened the night before

C             where the incredibly bad smell is coming from

In his attempt to solve the last question he stumbles into a murder scene, spots the hideously mutilated body of the victim and becomes the Police’s first suspect in the crime he later solves.

I have a double up from the book on Saturday morning.  Luckily A and B!!!

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Fulford – Phoenix Nights

We had drinks before we went out to play and during the round, but that was pitch and putt imbibing compared to the evening.

The event is a fund raiser for Myton Hospice – in memory of David Beacock MBE.   Run by his son Jason and the rest of David’s family.  Jason is a lovely man with a smile and a cheery word for everyone and kept his composure well during a long day.

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