Four Months – St Andrews and Fulford Heath

It’s nearly 4 months since I started this adventure. A giant leap back into golf – a small step for golf writing.  Time for some reflections – I am in love again and don’t understand how I could have found other pursuits more exciting.  I will be faithful for ever now.

My game is repairing itself and I am enjoying practicing again rather than finding it scary. (What if I practice and don’t get better syndrome – this must be a recognisable trauma surely).  I am looking for opportunities to play: not finding excuses not to.

So in the next 2 weeks I am going back to play Fulford Heath, my home course for the 20 odd years I lived in England, and the Old Course. My last round at St Andrews was the day after the Open Championship in 2005 when as a guest I was lucky enough to play it from the same tees and with the same pin positions as the final day of the Open.  (Got round in 79 with a six at the road hole where I didn’t hit one bad shot).

I haven’t played Fulford for 10 years and that will be huge fun, with my sons in an am-am on 1 August then into a sophisticated meal and drinking session at the clubhouse!!

Jim is playing in the club championship as I write this and leading by two shots in the scratch cup after a par 70. The one trophy we haven’t won as a family!!  Nervous for him.

He calls as I am finishing. He has won in a play-off.  So proud.  Club champion!!

Finally, I need one more card for my handicap – I will play off 8 next week – For the ten completed rounds (2 at Gailes – no score for Troon) I am exactly 99 over.  Playing just below 10.  Aye so I am!  Rounding up is easy.  It’s 10!!!  Accept it.

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