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Amanda and I are in Portugal for a short holiday including a long weekend with two other couples – but all is not exactly how I saw it! There are a number of deviations from the vision.

Firstly only one of the couples made it. Colin and Mary Morrison.  Colin and Mary started their careers as journalists and Colin went on to run Kerry Packers media empire and become one of the most respected voices in the industry (now as a consultant).  We met Colin and Mary through John and Donna Boyle, the other nominated pair for the eating /drinkfest.  Unfortunately they couldn’t manage – last minute – so we are down to 4 participants in the contest to see who can indulge themselves most.  (The bookies have swiftly rearranged the betting after the odds on favourite (Mr Boyle) failed to make it to the starting stalls.)  Most of the clever money is now on me and given how much weight I have put on so far that looks well placed.

Betting is on my mind anyway – or it was through Thurs/Fri – as my choices for the Open started well. Molinari, Karlsson and Oostheizen all in contention after the first day and my theory paper on betting – last blog – looked good.

But three problems intervened to cause practical issues:-

  1. The phone link to the betting site was intermittent.
  2. I realised that the TV package in the house didn’t include BBC1.  How can any package in the world not have BBC1??  So I couldn’t watch progress minute to minute and bet accordingly.
  3. The third issue was more toxic.  All of my bets fell away in the third round!! Idiot.  I should have laid them at the end of the second round but was so preoccupied with eating and drinking I decided to delay it and then couldn’t get on the next morning. The best laid plans ….



The golf betting was not as bad as it could have been. Karlsson tied 12th and Molinari 14th.  Just looked at those two sentences!!  How stupid can you be?  I put on a bet.  The bet lost.  So it was a bad bet.  End of.  Shows how easy it is to get into the wrong mental state about betting.  Warning sign for the future.


To come

One of the warmest days golf ever at Quinta Do Lago – Mad Dogs


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