Commonwealth Games Uniforms – Brigadoon Ya Bas!!!

I have been trying not to look at the Scottish uniforms for the Commonwealth games! The first time I had the misfortune to have this appalling pastiche well up before me I assumed it was a hoax.  But unfortunately it isn’t.  Rather it is an attempt to restage Brigadoon by a 1970s amateur dramatic society.

The ‘creator’ of this b movie horror, Jill Blackwood, is quoted as saying ‘If everybody liked them I wouldn’t have done my job’. Presumably on the same logical trail if, as is the case, everybody hates them and finds them unbelievably embarrassing she has done her job perfectly.  The only things missing are the ‘See You Jimmy’ wigs and the sponsorship logo ‘Buckfast Before Breakfast’.

I am forced to think of equally bad Scottish sporting decisions and can only find 3 that come anywhere near – all with an Americas theme.

  1. The attempt to build a golf and sports complex on the Darien peninsula in 1698.  Not a huge success due to

(a)   the lack of a golf tourist business in those days and

(b)   the disease infested swamp the settlers chose as their base.

(Not much drop in trade either).

  1. Jimmy Johnstone’s manful effort to row from Largs to the Americas in 1974 in a boat that had a minor design fault.  No row locks to put the oars in!!
  2. Scotland’s triumphal parade round Hampden in 1978.  Unfortunately the parade was before we set out for the World Cup in Argentina which took some of the gloss off the celebrations!!

On reflection none match the uniforms.

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