Four Months – St Andrews and Fulford Heath

It’s nearly 4 months since I started this adventure. A giant leap back into golf – a small step for golf writing.  Time for some reflections – I am in love again and don’t understand how I could have found other pursuits more exciting.  I will be faithful for ever now.

My game is repairing itself and I am enjoying practicing again rather than finding it scary. (What if I practice and don’t get better syndrome – this must be a recognisable trauma surely).  I am looking for opportunities to play: not finding excuses not to.

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Quinta Do Lago – 18 July 2014 – Mad Dogs

‘The course is empty. Nobody wants to play at this time.  It’s too hot!!’  Words I have heard on many occasions, in a number of countries (but never Scotland).  Déjà vu all over again!!

Quinta do Lago at 2.30 on a baking hot day. The north course closed – part way through a complete revamp so only the longer, harder South available to play.  I was worried it might be too busy and I would be stuck all afternoon behind 4 balls.  Needless concern.  Just me and a pack of strange looking dogs with foam spuming out of their gaping mouths.

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Home Thoughts From Abroad – Betting and Eating

Amanda and I are in Portugal for a short holiday including a long weekend with two other couples – but all is not exactly how I saw it! There are a number of deviations from the vision.

Firstly only one of the couples made it. Colin and Mary Morrison.  Colin and Mary started their careers as journalists and Colin went on to run Kerry Packers media empire and become one of the most respected voices in the industry (now as a consultant).  We met Colin and Mary through John and Donna Boyle, the other nominated pair for the eating /drinkfest.  Unfortunately they couldn’t manage – last minute – so we are down to 4 participants in the contest to see who can indulge themselves most.  (The bookies have swiftly rearranged the betting after the odds on favourite (Mr Boyle) failed to make it to the starting stalls.)  Most of the clever money is now on me and given how much weight I have put on so far that looks well placed.

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Hoylake and Betting

I have opened an account to bet on the Open Championship but ……

Financial health warning – this is not an encouragement for anyone else to do that or follow my advice!!!

My natural instinct was to bet against Tiger who is presently showing at 20-1 to win. Ie lay or accept bets on him at that price.  This is probably the best strategy theoretically but risky in practice.  It stands to win limited amounts at high risk.  Accepting bets totalling £100 would win that amount if Tiger burns but would lose £2000 if he somehow wins.  Do I think he is good value at 20-1? Emphatic no!!  But is it a sensible betting move.  Again no.

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Commonwealth Games Uniforms – Brigadoon Ya Bas!!!

I have been trying not to look at the Scottish uniforms for the Commonwealth games! The first time I had the misfortune to have this appalling pastiche well up before me I assumed it was a hoax.  But unfortunately it isn’t.  Rather it is an attempt to restage Brigadoon by a 1970s amateur dramatic society.

The ‘creator’ of this b movie horror, Jill Blackwood, is quoted as saying ‘If everybody liked them I wouldn’t have done my job’. Presumably on the same logical trail if, as is the case, everybody hates them and finds them unbelievably embarrassing she has done her job perfectly.  The only things missing are the ‘See You Jimmy’ wigs and the sponsorship logo ‘Buckfast Before Breakfast’.

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