May 2014 1st -18th – The force is strong with you, old course walker

Dundonald Links

In love again but conscious of the description of second marriages as ‘The triumph of hope over experience’. Will I regret my impulsiveness?

My long weekend with William and Eleanor. At 15 they have taken on the normal sleep patterns of teenagers and I won’t see them for hours.  My girlfriend Amanda decamped to Portugal on Wednesday with 3 close friends to celebrate her birthday.  The lead story in the FT yesterday was that Portugal had left the Eurozone bail out mechanism, having raised money in the international bond markets for the first time since the financial crash.  I do not think the two are unrelated.  The presence of Amanda and her pals will give the Portuguese economy a significant boost, particularly the wine industry in the Algarve.

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May Quiz

An Eagle 3 on the 18th at Dundonald is rarer than:-

A.     A set of financial statements from Rangers FC that anyone believes?

B.     A lady member at Muirfield?

C.     A Gary Barlow tax return?

April 2014


April 2014 – A new hope

Glasgow Gailes – Dundonald Links

This is a golfing adventure; a real time journey to try and recover my love for the game, recapture the enthusiasm of earlier years. A pursuit of my golfing identity – a search for lost time. At the core is the attempt to answer two questions. Can I reassemble the game I used to have? Can I find new moments to match the joy I have had from playing for over 50 years.

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